Since the beginning of her years, Emma has been singing little melodies. After a while she decided to record her vocal creations. She also spent time learning piano and eventually recorded melodies on the keys. Music has always been her therapy, and composing at the piano provides a unique kind of calmness.

Her favorite sounds to create encompass characteristics of cinema, fantasy, lullabies, pop, new age, and indie. If you like music for dreaming, floating, dancing, adventures, and serenity, you’re in the right place.


“Fool” kicked off her music releases…and then came “Sailing.” A song that was written in the face of a common fear. It confronts the struggle to be one’s true self amid a community of never-ending selves.

To Emma, it is as if she wrote a love song to her younger self. Letting young Emma know that embracing her individuality may not satisfy everyone, but it will be the kindest thing she ever does for herself.